Mom & Gals Closet: A Deck Vendor Journey at The Galleria Showroom

Mom & Gals Closet: A Deck Vendor Journey at The Galleria Showroom

Dear Mom & Gals Closet Community,

As we reflect on the remarkable year that has passed, we're thrilled to share a significant chapter of our journey – being a deck vendor at The Galleria Showroom. This space, carefully curated for online sellers like us, has become a precious gem in our offline endeavors.


The Galleria Showroom: A Home for Mom & Gals Closet Offline

Operating 99% online, we treasure the 1% offline experiences, especially when it comes to showcasing our cosmetics and fragrance range. The Galleria Showroom has provided us with an opportunity to let our customers sample our products in person. A special shoutout to the founder, Faezah Jonit, for creating this haven for online entrepreneurs.


Convenience in Woodlands Vicinity

Situated in the heart of Woodlands, The Galleria Showroom is more than just a display space. It serves as a convenient hub for us to restock our products promptly. This proximity ensures that our customers can enjoy swift access to our latest offerings.

Opportunities for Collaboration and Connection

Being a vendor at The Galleria has opened doors to numerous opportunities for shared booths, collaborative workspaces, and connections with fellow Muslim entrepreneurs. The sense of community is invaluable, with backgrounds as diverse as our product range. It's a true testament to the power of shared spaces fostering collaboration and growth.

Gratitude for Deck Expansion

Our journey with The Galleria started with a shared 1-deck space, and now we're elated to settle into a full 2-deck space. This expansion allows us to present a wider array of our collections for offline purchase, catering to your urgent needs.


A Cozy Shopping Experience

To our customers, we invite you to drop by The Galleria for any off-shelf purchases you might need urgently. The space provides a comfortable and pressure-free shopping environment where you can explore our offerings at your own pace.


Looking Ahead to 2024

As we transition into the new year, Mom & Gals Closet is excited to continue our journey as a deck vendor at The Galleria. Our product lineup, includes NIQA, MAGIKA, UNICO, TES LUMIERES, AURA HIJAB, and D'CALYSTA PERFUME Testers for all codes, awaits your discovery.
We're eager to achieve more milestones, connect with our community, and provide you with an enhanced shopping experience both online and offline.

Thank you for your unwavering support in 2023, and here's to a fantastic 2024 filled with growth, collaboration, and success!

The Galleria @ Rauqah Showroom
21 Woodlands Close, Primz Bizhub
#07-27 (Rauqah Muslimah Sportswear)

Operating hours:
Tuesday to Saturday: 12pm to 5pm
Close on Sunday, Monday & Public Holiday

Warm regards,
Mom & Gals Closet Team

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