Mom & Gals Closet: A Year in Review - Celebrating Milestones and Progression in 2023

Mom & Gals Closet: A Year in Review - Celebrating Milestones and Progression in 2023

Dear Mom & Gals Closet Community,

We would like to take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey we've embarked on throughout this whole year 2023. It has been a year filled with milestones, collaborations, and unforgettable moments that have shaped our brand and brought us closer to our cherished customers.

Expanding Our Online Presence 🌐


One of our primary goals for 2023 was to enhance our presence on various online marketplaces. We explored platforms like Amazon, Carousell, TikTok, and Google Shopping, aiming to reach a wider audience. Managing inventory across these platforms became a priority too so we invested on this. Our proudest accomplishment - we successfully maintained our Preferred Seller Badge on Shopee throughout the year, with plans underway to achieve the same on Lazada. We are committed to delivering excellence and building trust with our customers on every platform that we are in.

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Showroom Presence and Booth Events 🛒 

In January 2023, we took a bold step by placing selected products at The Galleria showroom's shared deck. This move marked our commitment to offline experiences. As of end December 2023, we are settled with 2 full deck space for our products and will move forward still as vendor of The Galleria showroom in January 2024.

twilight   twilight 2   twilight 3

We kicked off the year with our Twilight Flea & Feast at Suntec, a nostalgic return to booth events pre-COVID. The energy was palpable, and we also participated in the July edition, cherishing the bustling atmosphere that defined our earlier years.

  powerhouse    powerhouse 2    powerhouse

Becoming a vendor at The Galleria by Rauqah in January 2023 opened doors to collaboration opportunities. Our involvement in Powerhouse Market, Chinta Edition, organized by Mak Besar at Suntec Convention Hall (in February 2023), demonstrated how being part of The Galleria empowered small businesses like ours.

bazaar ramdan 2   Bazaar Ramadan   bazaar ramadan 3

In March 2023, our rack of products were made available at Bazaar Ramadan Admiralty. The response from Bazaar Ramadan Admiralty was very good, we hope to be there again in 2024, inshyaallah.

OLG     OLG 2   

 OLG 4    OLG 3

July 2023 brought a fresh opportunity with the launch of OLG Fest by Ok Lets Go. We eagerly participated as vendors at the fest held in Singapore Expo Hall, embracing the chance to connect with our community over the weekend. 

maulid 3    maulid 

In November, Maulid booth at Masjid Al-Iman at Bukit Panjang. We get to attend our booths as well as listen in to most of the talks throughout the day.

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The year concluded with us being the selected few vendors from The Galleria, where we got to showcase our products during the Teraju Programme - Ladypreneur Leading Successes of 2024 organized by Canberra CC Malay Activities Executive Committee.

Offline Booth Events: A Source of Gratitude

Participating in offline booth events has been a cherished aspect of our journey. It allows us to interact directly with our customers, gather feedback, and offer them the chance to experience our products in person. We are truly grateful for the support, both online and offline.

atome shopback

Introducing New Payment Modes

Ending the year on a high note, we're delighted to announce the integration of new payment modes on our website – ATOME and Shopback PayLater. These options empower our customers to make purchases conveniently and pay over three months with ZERO interest!

Finally, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our incredible community for being an integral part of Mom & Gals Closets' 2023 journey. Here's to new adventure, more milestones, growth, and making memories together in the upcoming year!


Warm Regards,
Mom & Gals Closet Team 🌟

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